City Tree

City Tree

Name: City Tree
Author: Dan S
Inspired by:
Date: August 2007
Downloads: 13365
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City Tree is a fancy girly theme. made one for the old blogger, but not as fancy as this one. The tree ideea and the main colors are from her theme, but all the fancy shadows, the urban hearts and the layout are all my ideeas. This two column template is widget enabled, and wide enough to install anything you would like. The sidebar has 250px in width, and the main content 520px – you have plenty of space for photos, videos and text. There are a few limitations, for example, you can not put any header image in this template, but you can customize almost all the colors.

Main features:

  • Two column layout
  • Integrated search form
  • Widget enabled
  • Customizable
  • Fancy template

This is a free template released under GPL license. This means that you can use this template for your personal or commercial blog, edit it according to your needs, and even re-distribute it as long as you keep the license and the credit links at the footer intact.



Download City Tree
template for Blogger

Please read and understand the notes at the end of this page for detailed descriptions of the features of this template before you download and start using it.


  1. Download the theme archive package.
  2. Unzip the package and go to images folder. Upload all of the images to a free image host (such as or, and write down the given links. (Help?)
  3. Open city-tree.xml with a text editor, then search for “Theme Images” (without quotes).
  4. Replace in the template the image locations with links you have taken from your image host, and then save.
  5. Go to “Blogger dashboard > Template”, and import the template xml from your hard drive. Click save.
  6. Edit/update your widgets and click save
  7. Start blogging! :)


(0) The template comes with several widgets installed. The author profile, the links, and the archive. You will loose the configuration for the actual widgets, if you have any other then those. Probably it’s a good idea to write down their configuration/their html before installing the new template.

(1) This template has been tested with Internet Explorer 6, Opera 9, Safari 1.3, Firefox 1.5.x and Firefox 2.x (both Windows and Linux versions). Although layout seems okay with all of these browsers, I suggest you to use Firefox for best performance. If you haven’t downloaded yet, why don’t you

August 15 2007