How to upload template images

How to upload template images to a free image host

There are a lot of alternatives of free host for images, but I will explain how to do it with You can click on the thumbnails below to see larger versions of screen shots. (Press escape to exit)

1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg

4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg

  1. Unzip your template archive package. After extracting your template files, you will see a subfolder named “images” under the folder, there are all the images that your template use.
  2. Open a new browser window, and go to address You will see a very simple interface with a input box and a button named “Browse” near it.
  3. Click “Browse” button and go to your template > images folder. Then pick one of the images (i.e. header.jpg), and click open.
  4. After locating the image file you want to upload, click “Host it!”.
  5. After uploading process completes, you will automatically redirected to a page contains lots of different links created for your hosted image. Go to end of that page and find “Direct link to image” and copy that link to your clipboard.
  6. Go to your template folder and open theme’s xml file with a text editor (not MS Word or similar!). Find the section with all images and background images links Replace the url for the same image name.
  7. After repeating the steps 2-6 for each image of your template, save your .xml file.

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July 28 2007